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Finding Happiness in the Unexpected

We all know what the main contenders are when it comes to our own happiness. Give me a beach holiday with endless days spent on a sun lounger reading a good book... Ahhh bliss! But, what if happiness is closer to home? What if it’s hidden where we least expect it, in the little things that make up our everyday lives?

On a recent trip to visit family I’d had a nightmare walk to the train station and had battled through wind and rain to get there. Luckily, I was early to arrive on the platform and used the spare minutes to check that mascara wasn’t streaming down my cheeks. Now that my makeup bag was open I thought I might as well touch up my powder and in doing this a woman on the other end of the bench said “there’s no need for that love you’re beautiful just as you are’. I couldn’t help but beam at her and I can’t remember my exact response but it must have included a surprised "Thank you!". This was some months ago now, but I have remembered this moment and her kind words,…

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